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About Revolution

Learn more about the Revolution story, where it all began, and how we transformed into a dealership management systems leader.

Unstoppable together since 1992

From humble beginnings on the outskirts of Sydney, Revolution has always been about teamwork and building strong partnerships to achieve great things. 

Founders Mark Liddle and Anthony Nadalini had a vision to help dealerships across Australia manage their business better. 

Over time, Revolution grew from a team of two specialising in car dealerships, to a team of more than 100 specialists building innovative dealer management solutions for automotive, marine and motorcycle dealerships across Australia. 

What separates Revolution from competitors is the understanding that whilst innovation in technology is critical to stay ahead, it’s service that builds lasting partnerships and helps transform businesses. 

Revolution and your dealership – unstoppable together.

Co-founders Mark Liddle and Anthony Nadalini

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People-powered business

Work with a dedicated team that supports your dealership, every step of the way.

  • We have over 30 years of industry experience
  • Our team is stacked with experts who understand what your dealership needs
  • Your dealership will benefit from tailored support that covers everything from site visits to ongoing account management

Dealers that became unstoppable with Revolution

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